Why the Flamingo?  

Flamingo medicine says to stand tall in the face of what was and will be, that real magic is in the in-between, the Now. It is in the balanced pause between breaths where our creativity rises. Flamingo reminds us to go within, feel everything and embrace the discomfort of the “blank slate of transitions”. In our honoring of stillness, infinite possibilities emerge and the sacred path of the heart can take flight.  

It is in this magic zone of in-between, reverence for the pause and utter surrender to the moment, that inspiration for my designs take shape.  I meditate as I create and send the wearer of my jewelry a prayer for graceful transitions and great big heart awakenings.

I like to think of my pieces as a “brighter switch”, the opposite of a dimmer switch, a reminder to the wearer of their own immense beauty and light.  What would it look like if we turned our Brighter Switch ALL THE WAY UP? 

While I dream of the ocean most days, and always have a trip to the coast in my sights, my beautiful daughter and I live near Denver, Colorado and the enchanting foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  My work can be described as deeply inspired by nature, hand-crafted artisan jewelry with a modern-bohemian edge.

With Grace & Love,

Lisa Jay